It is the newest designed double seated automatic splicer. The automatic splicer's brake system adopts the micro-computerized pneumatic system control to control the original paper's tension automatically.
When doing the automatic splicing, the buffer roll will take the methods of advancing gradually and moving about to make the corrugated paper operate continuously with the constant speed.
When the speed of the corrugated paper Changes, it can provide the tension control for the corrugated paper, maintain the original paper tension to keep fixed permanently, and make the buffer roll go back to the starting point.
The automatic splicer adopts the PLC control and human-machine interface manipulation. It does not need the computer controlling foundation plate control, therefore, it can lower the breakdown rate and decrease the maintenance and repair fees. It can effectively diminish the loss and wastage caused because of stopping operation, and elevate the production efficiency and create the profit. The machine's, designed splicing speed is 200M/Min.

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