Numerical controller provides 999 sets of memory capacity, micrometric adjustment of slitting and scoring. Two operation modes : computer controlled operation and manual operation. 1mm slitting blade provides smooth slitting without corrugation failure or breakage, yet provides a beautiful slitting result. Also, ideal for full plate printing of cardboard. Pneumatically controlled blade fixing for maximum rigidity. Adjustable automatic blade sharpening device. Sharpening time and intermittent sharpening can be set to meet variations in paper materials and slitting conditions. Linear motion guide combined with magnetic scale for accurate and convenient size changes.
The shapes of the scorer roll can be adjusted to be three styles : the upper-protrudent and lower-concave , the upper-protrudent and lower-protrudent, and the upper-protrudent and lower-flat , for the printing of the cardboard boxes . Enclosed type positioning mechanism for size change eliminates positioning error due to paper waste rolled into sprocket wheels. The size variation of a slitter and the scorer roll adopt the automatic control and adjustment by computer. Powered adjustment for machine body in right and left directions.

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